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About us



Sunseri Seasonings was inspired by my passion for preparing bold, flavorful meals using my own special blends of natural herbs and spices.  

    I initially developed these combinations of herbs and spices when I was preparing recipes for my restaurant.  Customers loved the unique flavors of the food so I decided to share my secret recipes for home use.



    Sunseri Seasonings are All Natural

    Do you know how many artificial preservatives are in popular seasoning packages? Why do we settle for buying products that contain chemicals when natural and healthy alternatives are available?  I created Sunseri Seasonings because I wanted to eliminate the artificial ingredients in the food I was preparing for my family.  I was also disappointed in the taste of many of the seasoning packages I bought. I knew others must feel the same way so I created Sunseri Seasonings using all natural, quality herbs and spices.


    Our Seasonings Stay Fresh

    Did you ever add spices to your food and then wonder "how old was that?".  In today's age of buying in bulk in warehouse stores, the large seasoning containers take years to use. That doesn't sound fresh to me. In contrast, Sunseri Seasonings are hand-blended in small batches and then packaged in sealed pouches that are easy to store in a drawer or pantry.  Say goodbye to bulky spice containers and hello to small, resealable standup pouches!



    Simple Proven Recipes for Flavor-Filled Meals

    Want to make a typical weeknight meal taste like it was made by a gourmet chef? A delicious meal doesn't need to be complicated or take a long time to prepare...just use quality ingredients and a proven recipe.  All the guesswork has been eliminated by using my simple, tested recipes with pre-measured all natural seasonings. These recipes, included on the back of each packet, have easy step by step directions to make ordinary meals extraordinary!


    Enjoy preparing flavorful meals for those you love!




    Carolyn Sunseri Myers

    Sunseri Seasonings are hand-blended at

    448 Arrington Avenue

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