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Health Benefits of Herbs & Spices

For centuries our ancestors have known the numerous health benefits of herbs and spices.  There are plenty of sources to check out on this subject.  It appears that almost all herbs and spices have some medicinal use.  Some have anti-inflammatory properties, others strengthen the immune system, and still others contain properties that maintain healthy hair and skin.

Sunseri Seasonings uses many herbs such as basil, rosemary and thyme, and spices such as black pepper, chili peppers and cumin as well as other ingredients like lemon peel and garlic that have amazing health benefits.


In addition to the type of food you eat and what it contains, there is, of course, the amount of food. Have you ever felt that when you ate a satisfying meal you were less apt to snack afterwards?  And if your meal was kind of bland and not very fulfilling you kept reaching for something else later on to satisfy your hunger?  Since the flavor of food is significantly boosted by adding the spices and herbs in Sunseri Seasonings, you will feel more satisfied, savoring your meal, and most likely tend to snack less afterwards.

Some of our favorite websites for learning more about the health benefits of herbs and spices are:

Sunseri Seasonings are All Natural!  No chemicals or MSG are added.